Learn how to enhance your life with the power of Ballet inspired movements and Zen Out meditation sessions for a more focused and peaceful way of living

Get ready to make mind-blowing energy shifts and experience pain releasing results as you master the art of meditation and zenning out!

It’s time to let go of stress, release the tension and dominate your life!

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join this challenge:

  • A challenge ebook with step-by-step strategies on how to incorporate mindful movement and meditation into your life to experience BIG shifts
  • A daily plan with tips on how to practice meditation the easy way so that mindfulness fits into YOUR lifestyle
  • 5 Guided meditation videos including the unique beFITbeFAB Strong You motivational practice so YOU can step into YOUR POWER
  • 5 Live Ballet BeFit daily sessions
  • Additional live daily support in the private facebook group
  • 3 bonus gifts along the way
  • The support of Coach StephB a well established Mindset, Nutrition & Movement Coach with over 20 years of experience
  • A post challenge gift to honour your journey!

Ready to SHIFT and experience PEACE with YOURSELF?


Coach StephB has over 20 years of experience in the fitness& wellness industry coaching groups and individuals.

She is a certified professional in

  • ACE nutrition for weight management and sports performance
  • ACE health & wellness
  • ACE personal trainer
  • RRCA Running Coach
  • SCW group exercise, yoga & pilates for fitness and well being;
  • FIA rehabilitation exercise specialist
  • Reiki Certified Healer Level I
  • Ballet BeFit Instructor

After overcoming a 27 year battle with bulimia, poor body image, low self esteem and working full time in corporate Steph decided it was turn to put her experience and learning into practice, in 2013 she went from instructor to coach and made it her daily mission to empower women to set themselves free from their limiting self beliefs, negative self talk, emotional eating & co, since then has worked with over thousands of women from all around the globe to enable them to unlock their true potential and truly shine their light on their beautiful horizon.

Client quote:

"Steph brings knowledge, expertise and experience to the table. In addition her multicultural background, her passion for wine (Certified Award in Wine WSET2) delivers a truly unique and refreshing perspective; I love the way she says wellness doesn't mean wine-less as well as her laugh everyday, sweat everyday philosophy, I have never been happier and I have definitely unlocked unthought potential & confidence, she is amazing and I feel amazing since working with her."

The time has come for you to

Step out of Your Shell, Step into Your Shine