Step out of your shell and step into your shine

Hello and Welcome! My name is Steph

Also known as Coach StephB

I’m a New York City based female running coach providing virtual & in person coaching services to female runners around the world who might be starting their running journey, chasing a PB or simply wanting to retrieve health and vitality through the benefits of running. 

 My Specialist Combined Training Method involves traditional running techniques, alongside a fitness modality called BalletBeFit which is a low impact ballet inspired workout that combines athleticism with grace and poise to develop mobility, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. Ballet has been proven to help with running control, breathing and posture.

With the female foot in mind, you’ll love and accept yourself through the power of running so you wake up every morning feeling strong, confident and happy, ready to take on whatever challenge gets thrown on your road.

My method is based around 4 key pillars:


I have a 360 approach, focusing on both mind and body. This means that I am looking at your whole person—the physical aspects of you as well as mental state to see how they contribute or affect each other. I will equip you with lifestyle tips & hacks to help you find balance between all the demanding aspects of life so there is room for all you wish to achieve.


Learning new things and trying different approaches through the combination of traditional running and BalletBeFit training, will enable you to stay focused on your goals. Your body needs this variety so it can keep adapting, otherwise we could get stuck in ruts or plateaus which would make the process much more difficult than necessary.


The importance of a well-balanced diet to running success cannot be overstated. Not only will it improve your performance, but also other aspects and parts in life! If you want even more from this endeavor then nutrition is what’s needed for maximum efficiency, I am a big fan of simple clean organic recipes and rest assured wellness doesn't mean wine-less, organic wine pairing are just one of the perks!


Recovery is like a training component that helps us to do different things and keeps our body adapted so we don't get stuck in ruts or plateaus, discover such benefits with the ZenFit sessions, an absolute Zen Out rather than a workout :)

My method enables women to focus on their success by enabling them to develop the mind of a yogi, the heart of a runner and the body of a dancer. You will become a master of self efficacy when it comes to your well being, your self care and living a healthy lifestyle through daily fitness, simple clean nutrition habits and organic wine pairing. 

Wherever you are in the world you can connect with a community of incredible women who like you are ready to ditch the diet mentality, find balance between their demanding ambitions and their vital self care needs.

As a coach, a woman in her forties, a former c-suite exec and now a successful entrepreneur I have been through all these pain points, and I want to pass on my learnings to you. I believe in the uniqueness of each individual, I developed the Specialist Combined Method training programs to break away from the social dictate that aims to force us to fit our bodies into a pre-determined box. We need to learn to love and accept our bodies, we need to truly tap into our passion, our soul purpose and our identity so we can show up each day and achieve the success we deserve. 

​My 4 pillar Method will teach you to listen to your body, to your soul, you will learn to move, eat and think in a way that will energize you, matching YOUR needs.
And when you workout with me you will learn to workout to YOUR ​RATE OF PERCEIVED HAPPINESS
​Join me and hundred of other women to learn to move and nourish your body with intention and intuition so you can be healthy and be happy.